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Welcome to the AMG Informational Website

Welcome everyone to the unofficially official information site for AMG 07. There will of course be many threads and many discussions as the events for San Francisco begin to be planned. This site will be edited and updated as those plans become finalized and you guys/gals let us know what you want. This means members will not have to search multiple threads and posts to figure out what is going on. You will want to check this site often as the event draws near and more plans are finalized. If you are visiting this Forums Gathering Forum for the first time, we strongly encourage you to check out all the threads. There have been two previous annual gatherings, one in Toronto and one in Montreal and a regional one in Nashville. Each and every person who attended will attest to how much fun, how enriching, and how truly wonderful they have been. So, if you are considering joining us in San Francisco, don't be shy--you'll have the time of your life!

AMG 2007 is the AidsMeds Gathering.  This will be our 3rd Annual Gathering to be held in San Francisco, California during the month of September.  Many of the details of organizing this event are in process and this site is designed to be a collective resource of all information and plans available at the present time.

To participate in the discussion forum, please visit the Gathering forum located at:

The Gathering is a primarily social event, with some educational workshops, for the members and friends of to come together in friendship and meet each other in real life.  The previous gatherings in Toronto in 2005 and Montreal in 2006 were incredible experiences for many. 


Watch Out San Francisco Because HERE WE COME!

San Francisco is a location where many of the original cases of HIV surfaced.  It has a deep and rich history and will make a poignant location for all attending, whether gay, straight or otherwise. 

Who Will You Change?

Who Will Change You?

For Questions, Comments and Concerns, please contact the AMG Coordinators at the website